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PGx Report

Offering detailed research analysis of clinical lab PGx results to support informed, genetically-guided prescribing decisions.

  • Customizable Report
  • Drug-to-Gene Interactions
  • Drug-to-Drug Interactions
  • Lifestyle Factors
Information available on

250 +


80 +


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PGx Decision Support

A powerful research platform for the prescribers to mitigate medication regimen risk while still accomplishing the intended therapy.

  • Realtime scenario modeling
  • Drug-to-gene and drug-to-drug info
  • Easy find alternative medications
  • View regimen history
  • Get a refreshed report anytime
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Population PGx

Makes prescription medication risk management more effective and efficient at scale.

  • View risk at Population level
  • Program manager dashboard
  • Risk notifications
  • Workflow management
  • Risk scoring and patient selection
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Everything is possible with the right capabilities.

Here you will find commonly asked questions.

How many days it would take to setup PGx platform for a lab?

Depending on the gene/SNP details it may vary but generally takes about 30 days to go live.

Can the reports integrate with EHR systems?

Yes. We can send reports and discrete data to EHRs. We already have established integrations with major EHR vendors.

Which pharmacogenomic testing panels are available?

We create custom research analysis reports based on the genomic information provided. We can work with panels available from Thermo Fisher, which might provide the best research analysis coverage for targeted sequencing and also reduce setup time.

Can reports be customized with branding?

Yes. All our reports can be customized to reflect the logo and brand colors.

Can it be integrated with LIS system?

Yes. We can integrate with most of the LIS/LIMS systems.