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Emgenex has over 10 years of experience working closely with primary care and specialty practices of all sizes, throughout the United States.


Scale your telemedicine offering with a reliable and easy-to-use platform at an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Conduct more revenue-generating visits while keeping your staff and patients safe with the Emgenex’s WellConnect telehealth platform. Get unlimited calls, no hidden fees, and no complicated virtual waiting rooms for patients.

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Conduct more Medicare Annual Wellness Visits with optimized AWV software for health risk assessments.

AWVs help keep patients on track with their care plans and bring additional revenue opportunities to your practice. Providers can engage in meaningful conversations with their patients about increased health risks using Emgenex’s simple, integrated digital questionnaires.

Support safer medication management with trusted pharmacogenomic solutions.

Uncover insights about each of your patient’s genetic makeup to help pinpoint which medications may be the safest and most effective for them. GenoScribe from Emgenex provides detailed pharmacogenetic reporting to help physicians make more informed decisions about prescription therapies.

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Streamline chronic care management with
cloud-based CCM software.

Easily manage patients with chronic conditions and improve reimbursement opportunities and compliance with Emgenex’s comprehensive CCM platform.

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