For Long Term Care

Avoid disruptive events and work more effectively across the care continuum.

Keep patients healthier with coordinated care, improved safety, and reduced emergency department (ED) transports using connected patient management from Emgenex.


Enable around-the-clock physician coverage with a high quality telehealth program.

With customized workflows to avoid ED transports and improve continuity of care, Emgenex’s WellConnect telehealth platform connects physicians with residents to assess emergent needs and manage chronic conditions. Staff with your own providers or leverage our 24/7 network of qualified clinicians to coordinate care and safeguard residents.

Cloud-based telehealth software and equipment.

Leverage workflows customized specifically for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) facilities.

24/7 telehealth physician coverage in all 50 states.

Our virtual physicians can help you avoid ED transports and improve continuity of care, by assessing emergent needs, conducting Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), and effectively managing chronic diseases.


A complete solution for health risk assessment and chronic care management.

Medicare AWVs and chronic care management (CCM) help keep residents healthy.


Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs)

Less than 20% of the Medicare population received an AWV in recent years. Help patients live longer and healthier lives by improving their access to annual visits covered by Medicare and Advantage Plans.

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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Over 60% of adults 65 and older suffer from at least two chronic conditions. Close the gap in care to keep your patients healthy and manage their chronic conditions with Emgenex’s CCM program.

Prevent adverse drug events and avoidable hospitalizations.

Staying on top of potential drug-drug and drug-gene interactions is critical in long-term care facilities, where most patients take multiple medications. Emgenex’s GenoScribe pharmacogenomic solution helps providers prescribe medications based on their patients’ unique genetic makeup and enables effective medication monitoring from one central dashboard.

Improve management of depression, dementia, and other mental health conditions.

Regular behavioral health assessments for long-term care residents can inform treatment decisions and improve quality of life for patients. Emgenex’s cloud-based assessments are a simple, comprehensive way to engage patients and collect crucial information about their mental health wellness.

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