For Health Systems

Integrated solutions to improve efficiency and manage patients at scale.

Improve interoperability with Emgenex’s digital healthcare solutions ranging from telehealth to pharmacogenomics.


Upgrade your telemedicine program with scalable telehealth equipment and software.

Improve reach between healthcare facilities and to rural areas with Emgenex’s WellConnect telehealth platform that is highly customizable and integrates with other existing systems. Provide a seamless patient experience by customizing our web and mobile telemedicine apps with your brand.


Accelerate your success with value-based care software.

Simplify patient management and keep your health system on track for shared savings


Annual Wellness Visits

Deliver AWVs more consistently across facilities to improve patient health and increase reimbursement.

Chronic care management

Better manage patients with chronic conditions across practices with customizable disease state care plans.

Behavioral health assessments

Increase awareness, early recognition and early intervention with patient-friendly mental health questionnaires and comprehensive reporting.

Personalize prescriptions to help reduce adverse events and hospital readmissions.

Implement pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing across your health system to help providers prescribe safer medications. Emgenex’s GenoScribe provides gene-drug interpretation and monitoring software to help providers gain a more precise and personalized understanding of potential drug treatment outcomes.

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