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Engage members, reduce costs, and support better outcomes.

Providing a positive member experience — whether you’re a self-funded employer or health plan — requires convenient, easy-to-use tools. Emgenex offers improved access to quality healthcare to keep members healthier and reduce the overall financial burden for payers.


Offer a customized telehealth program.

Give members convenient access to care with Emgenex’s telehealth program, customized to your health plan. Leverage our network of highly qualified clinicians, available 24/7 or use your own physicians.

  • Customize the look and feel of Emgenex’s telehealth platform with your branding and messaging.
  • Access our network of nationwide PCPs and specialists at affordable contracted rates.
  • Conduct electronic verification to ensure member eligibility.
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Offer impactful chronic disease management programs to members.

Improve long-term outcomes of members and employees with Emgenex’s chronic care management (CCM) services, wellness programming and health coaching. Our CCM experts and technology can help you achieve better outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Reduce prescription costs with pharmacogenomics

Help ensure your members are using the safest, most effective medications based on their genetic makeup. Emgenex’s GenoScribe pharmacogenomic solution may help members get the right therapy the first time, potentially reducing adverse events and boosting the ROI of your pharmacy programs.


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