Streamlined Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Software.

Enabling providers to significantly increase their revenue while decreasing overall healthcare cost.
A suite of cloud-based software tools well integrated to provide a seamless experience in managing various care components.

Why should I consider implementing Annual Wellness Visits?

Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a way for your practice to keep patients as healthy as possible. As health care moves from volume- to value-based models, the AWV addresses gaps in care and enhances the quality of care you deliver. A personalized prevention plan created for the Medicare beneficiary is a way to improve patient engagement and promote preventive health care.

We simplify Medicare's preventive programs.

Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) software performs many important tasks for your organization. Unfortunately, many of these software programs do not make it easy to perform Medicare's profitable preventive programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Annual Wellness Visits (AWV).

Our intuitive software gives your team the right tools to manage these programs effectively within your organization. We help practices both large and small to run these programs successfully.

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Staff only

Having dedicated staff assigned to the AWV program yields higher participation and better ROI. Our trained staff can help identify, contact and schedule, and assist in completing visits.

Software only

Our software solution simplifies the AWV process and makes sure all parts are completed for quality and compliance. Having a comprehensive software is one of the key elements for a successful program.

turnkey solution

Our turnkey solution is the maximum effective way for a quality and successful program. Our staff and software can manage the most components of an AWV at a cost that yields most profit.

Providing the tools to complete more AWVs.

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